GBA Network

GBA Private communication network on KLW World News
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GBA on KLW World News

KLW World News has opened up the network for special interest groups like the GBA. 

Once you subscribe for a minimal fee of $15 per month (this to cover our cost) you will be able to communicate in real-time with the rest of the members that are on the Global Blockchain network. 

Is this the same as KLW World News?

NO it is NOT.

This network is specifically setup for Global Blockchain Association members, no other users will use it or get access to it. 

KLW Zellowork is private

Private Network

Separated from the KLW World News regular channels, so pretty much your on private network.

Zellowork is secure


ZelloWork offers the highest level of security using RSA 1024-bit for authorization, digital signatures, secure media session keys exchange and AES 256-bit encryption for audio and call alerts.


Dedicated Channels

This network will have users connected to a dedicated private channel. You will not have access to the other channels that are on the KLW World News Network.

Pagosa 2-Way

KLW Membership

If you want you can susbcribe to KLW World News network membership (VIP or above) to get access to all the 300 channels we offer.