Earthquakes Warning Channel, we warn you when it starts
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Earthquakes alert message

Earthquake Channel

Some might already notice, a new channel popped up, The Earth Quake channel and it is exactly that. We keep working on expanding the capability of the network. KLW World News is becoming one of the serious news aggregators, and there is no slowing down for now.

The team is working tirelessly to get you the best information in near to real-time and the earthquake channel is no exception

How it works

KLW World News, checks the USGS website, about every minute or so. It looks for the latest earthquake data. Once there is a new quake we grab it and look at it.

If the magnitude is high enough, in the above example we set it to 1 but in the real world the magnitude is set to 6, we report on it. You will only get information about earthquakes that are 6 and above. So you know that when a message arrives…. well it is serious.

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