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Kristine and Lee Wheelbarger News.
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KLW World news is the brain child of Kristine and Lee Wheelbarger, both not happy with the current state of news reporting. KLW World news started five years ago reporting on events and projects by Lee Wheelbarger. 

KLW World News is the news division of Pagosa 2-Way & Electronics. Where KLW World News is the information side Pagosa 2-Way & Electronics is the 2-way provider. 

News Shows

We bring live news to you every weekday in different formats, ranging from online videos (YT and our private server) through to video conferences. 

We have our own video conference server which we use every Friday to have a chat with VIP members and above. 

It is like a virtual cafe/bar, so pull up a chair and join us. 

We look long and hard for communication options, both for phone and hand held radios. Zello@Work is our solution of choice, the zello walkie talkie app, also known as a “push to talk app” had proven to be up to the task. 

At KLW Word News we have create over 300 channels for our network users to use, each channel is dedicated to a specific topic or has a specific use. This can range from gardening through to secure private groups to have conversations on.  

Members can talk to each other or arrange for a private friends channel where you can create your own private conversations. 

YouTube censures content

Video server and storage

We started our own video server to save YouTube that otherwise would be censored or removed. Lee Wheelbarger and members of our Zello Network debunk propaganda and explaining this during Live Shows. 

Lee got penalized by YouTube many times and the original KLW World News video library got removed by YouTube. To prevent this from happening again, KLW World News moved most of it’s content to private servers running PeerTube


Network subscriptions

This news network is 100% user supported, no commercials, no big tech or other companies pay for this channel. 

For this channel to remain and to grow we have subscription levels to suit any budget. 

Pagosa to KLW World

2 Way (Walkie Talkie) network

During 2021 KLW News World is rolling out a Kenwood 2 way radio based network. This to compliment the Zello network. 

This radio network will be secured using NX-5300 and NX-5800 radios. These radios are only available to our members and are not for sale to the general public. 

Radios are used to report news or for private use on our OWN frequency. 

Information: Lee Wheelbarger/KLW World News is not a doctor, medical professional, investor, financial advisor or lawyer. Each of the statements made by Lee and/or  guests on this network are opinions of events only and not instructions or advice.

NO information on this site should be used to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease or condition or give legal or investment advice. We often work with outreaches and organizations to share information, both positive and negative, about items that fit within the genre of our community.

Videos and information, text and website driven, may include the sponsorship of KLW members who request reviews of specific items and the discussion of topics or outreaches and organizations.

At no time do we ever sway our judgement for an item or topic based on these requests. Integrity and our community are the first and utmost priority for our entire team and family.

We thank you for being here with us and being a part of this amazing community.